Friday, March 11, 2011

Counter tops are well on the way

They don't look very exciting in the pics. In person they look pretty nice though and I am excited to be installing them soon. I ordered the wet look sealer and wax for them today. This is my first attempt at concrete counters and I am pretty confident that I will be making a new set in a few years for the kitchen. Not that these came out poorly. Just that in doing all my research I have come up w/ more things I would like to try to make them nicer. Those things equate to considerably more cash too. Still incredibly cheap when you think of how much it would cost to have someone make these for me.
I have about $100 into these including the melamine to make the easy release molds with.
Some folks around here like to call me Daddy WarBucks.

Like I said, These don't show well. The aggregate  is a little shinier in person.When I make my next set I would like the aggregate even more polished though. I'll just need to spend the cash on diamond polishing pads instead of trying to get by w/ sand paper.

Till next time

YAY, I have a non disgusting bathroom.




The faucet is the brand Rohl. I love the quality and craftsmanship.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Todays yummy purchases

My intention was to go to the liqueur store to get some beer for my father in laws B-Day tomorrow and some super yummy whiskey. You see last week I went to a local establishment that has an outstanding selection of whiskeys. I made a flight of Basil Hayden, Jefferson Reserve 17yr and Pappy Van Winkles 20yr.  I new the Pappy would be out of my price range so I thought I would get the Jefferson. I thought it was better then the Pappy anyway and the Basil is pretty much an old stand by at this point. I use it as a comparison against the others. Well the JR was $90. Ouch. So The Basil Hayden came home w/ me once again.

I also have been craving margaritas something fierce.

I got a nice selection of beers too. A banana bread beer, My favorite chocolate stout from a local brewer (brooklyn brewing) and Dogfish Head Immortal Ale w/ hints of oak, vanilla and maple.
I think maybe the girl behind the counter was pleased w/ my selection because she gave me a freebie 22oz micro brew I hadn't heard of.

Our recent blizzard

Man I can not wait until the spring. The only thing I like about winter are the picturesque memories. Everything else to me pretty much sucks.

The horsies loved playing in the snow.  Plus these photos are too nice not to share.

These guys became best buds pretty quick.

Frida who never rolls must be thinking that Jasper is a freaking wing nut. Jasper loves to roll though.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The barn

While we originally started looking at this property because it had a barn. The more we looked at it the less safe it looked. It was in such bad shape that we decided it will be torn down and a new 4-6 stall barn will be placed next to the one Jason and I built for Frida and Jasper.

                                        Here's the pole barn we built to replace it temporarily.

                          I still need to do trim work to it. That will have to wait for the spring though.

Just a random update

I'm working on the counter tops today and the bathroom. The counters are concrete and I'll have pictures of them up in a few weeks after they are cured. I built the mud deck for the shower floor today too.

This picture is from when I first came to look at the property. It had been raining for a few days at this point. One side of the property has a small stone wall.

                             Maple loves running around like a mad dog in the rain.

This is the same side of the property after I took down the barbed wire and put up the horseguard electric fencing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New floors

After that nasty close up shot of the floor and the undone fireplace. I need to show progress on the floors. We decided to go w/ a 5" wide plank white oak w/ knots. We are trying to make it look rustic on a budget w/ out looking cheap. You might be surprised how expensive rustic floors can be. We got this for a great price though. The floors are fully down. I am waiting now to put the finish on. I decided to go w/ Rubio Monocoat. It is a non urethane finish that does not build up or look plasticy. Kind of like a linseed oil that grandma used to wax on her hands and knees but more high tech.

                                        More of the Fluffin in his very own man cave.